Zombie Killer Mod Apk v0.00026 Download


Zombie Killer Mod Apk is another game that puts you right on a world which is invaded by the zombies. So, it is up to you to do what you gotta do and kill every single zombie that appears in front of you while you are wandering on a half-dead world. Killing zombies on this game is the center of the gameplay. You go out and about with a gun in your hand killing zombies right and left.

The game is a first-person shooter that is not really about that only. It mixes the gameplay with a runner element that makes things a little bit more alive and entertaining. Thus, you have nowhere to hide. You have to go out and be ready to shoot zombies down. And that is something that the game makes sure to encourage you to do with some awesome ugly designs of the zombies.

The graphics on the game are great for an action-packed game with a lot of blood and ugly zombies. Also, it offers a variety of awesome weapons to unlock as you play along. You get to have some intense weapons that will make the killing experience much entertaining and intense. However, the killing experience may differ from a zombie to another. Since each of them has its own unqiue characteristics.


Zombie Killer Mod Apk Features:

  • The best survival simulator in the world of zombies
  • Intense gameplay with atmospheric visuals and sound depicting a sinister zombie apocalypse
  • Easy to learn, hard to master tactics
  • Unlock an arsenal of legendary weapons and other gear to overpower swarms of enemies
  • Learn your enemies – for each of them has its own unique features
  • Story driven Campaign missions and minigoals provide constant challenges to overcome
  • Endless run mode to train your skills
  • Ongoing updates to deliver new missions, features, and content

Unlimited Currency


Zombie Killer Mod Apk v0.00026


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