Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk v3.4 Download

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk is another game that makes gamers want to become a gangster that knows no laws. So if by any chance you feel like you want to knock down anyone who you meet during the day, come and do more than that on this game. You can become a supervillain who goes out and about doing all the bad crimes you may think of. It reflects the title and the purpose of the game perfectly.

Since there is a big relation between the need to kill on these games and the need to ride the best of cars and to shoot policemen specifically, this game makes sure to make that the center of all the events. You can go around Vegas and be a naughty outlaw who does not hesitate to shoot cops. So, the classic conflict between outlaws and the police. So, if you are not a fan of policemen then you can shoot’em as much as you want.

Go wild on Vegas crime city where you will wander throughout the areas of the city doing whatever you want. Stop cars, beat citizens, and get a hold of any fancy car you bump up to on the streets. Policemen are nothing to you. You have the chance to get any weapon you may think of. Also, ammunition is at your disposal. So, you can shoot as many bullets which will end up creating the biggest chaos in the city.

Begin your journey as a gangster and build your empire as an outlaw and make your name heard on the streets of Vegas. Just don’t forget that you are going to be wanted by every other policeman and SWAT.



  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamond
  • 5th level VIP
  • unlimited talent score


Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk v3.4


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