Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk v1. Download

undead-nation-last-shelter mod apk

Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk may be a nice game for those who are into strategy games and bad guys. You get to be the shepherd of a very unique group of people. These people are survivors who have very unique powers. Being a shepherd means that you will take responsibility and recruit these survivors and train them. For what you ask? Well, it’s the same disease that we’ve been hearing about a lot in games recently; The Zombies.

Collect the most powerful survivors from the people who are not dead yet nor have turned into zombies and make them stronger. Train them to become the zombies’ killers. So, your main goal here will be about creating the strongest team who can go head to head against the ugly zombies. You will get to build a basecamp for you and your team where you can produce many essential: food, medicine…

Make sure to immunize your basecamp to make it immune or hard to break into. And that’s what you can do through combining the rooms of the base, set traps so you get rid of intruders without even sacrificing any of your team member, and make it as fortified as possible to defend against raids from other players who you can challenge and battle PVP.

Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk Features:

    Challenge other players in real-time to climb the ranks!
    Position yourself to take advantage of the terrain and swing the conquest in your favor!
    Fight over zombie-infested buildings and take over enemy territory to become the reigning champion of your area!
    Upgrade and build facilities to create a basecamp unique to you!
    Produce medicine, food, and materials to strengthen your base and your crew!
    Combine rooms, set traps, and fortify your base to defend against being raided by other players!
    Discover what strategies work for you by choosing from a range of tactics that will assist you in battle!
    Exploit holes in your enemies’ defenses and take control of battle!
    Endless possible combinations of Survivors and tactics that evolve with your play style!
    Meet other players and share ideas in Alliances from all around the world!
    Work together to become the strongest Alliance in Undead Nation!


1.1 hit kill


Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk v1.


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