Transit King Tycoon – Transport Empire Builder Mod Apk v2.7 Download

transit-king-tycoon-transport-empire-builder mod apk

Transit King Tycoon – Transport Empire Builder Mod Apk is a simulation game that would be good training for those who are interested in logistics. Players who have big dreams about becoming a transport tycoon are invited to play this game and become the king of this field. So, this is not just an entertaining game only for fun, it can be a very good look at the business and get many ideas about it.

The game is about creating a big business and invest your time and money on the game to grow as a transit king. Your activities will differ. However, the successful business mindset needs to be lit. Work on evolving the towns of the islands into modern cities with skyscrapers. Also, invest in agriculture by turning the products on farms into goods and food like cakes and smoothies.

You will have to keep on investing in all you can turn into a business and develop the towns. For example, technology can be a main aspect of the new towns. And that is what you can do by processing minerals from mines into technological evolved products. As an investor, you have a fleet of trucks and cars. Make sure to grow it even more with more additions.

Transit King Tycoon – Transport Empire Builder Mod Apk Features:

  • Transform your island’s towns into megapolises with skyscrapers
  • Turn farm products into yummy goods like cakes and juices
  • Process minerals from mines into high-tech thingies
  • Build and upgrade roads all the way up to multi-lane freeways
  • Complete your collection of big trucks and buses
  • Level up to get the best vehicles and unlock the entire island
  • Want to idle a while – set up long routes and watch the coins roll in

1. Free Shopping
2. Many coins
3. Many drivers
4. Free improvement
5.Free construction


Transit King Tycoon – Transport Empire Builder Mod Apk v2.7


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