The Secret Society Mod Apk v1.40.4000 Download

The-Secret-Society mod apk

The Secret Society Mod Apk is the game that makes Sherlock Holmes lovers interested in solving another mystery. However, this game has many mysteries that would make them drool. This is the top selling hidden object game that is available on the android apps store. It intensifies the atmosphere of focusing on finding the hidden games and solving the puzzles of this game.

The game is about a secret society which is a community full of people who are able to move through magic worlds. As the player, your mission and journey would start once your uncle Richard goes missing. And your tasks will include finding traces of your uncle, protect the community, and stand against those who may threaten your community. Thus, there is a mix between finding hidden objects as the gameplay of the game and the puzzles.

The game contains a dense amount of content that will make you keep on getting back to this game. Also, the game makes sure that it offers very different backgrounds in the shape of a variety of locations full of interesting characters. And hidden objects are diverse which makes it always challenging to locate them on each level. Thus, mystery lovers won’t be disappointed with all the content and the challenges this game offers to them.

The-Secret-Society mod apk
The-Secret-Society apk free

The Secret Society Mod Apk Features:

  • Over 3400 quests to keep you entertained for months
  • 48 amazing locations full of interesting characters
  • 500+ сollections of hidden objects to piece together
  • Gem Match mini-game: swap and match gems to get 3 in a row!
  • Ingenious mini-games puzzles wrapped in mystery
  • Regular updates with additional quests and more
  • Google Play game services support

Game Name: The Secret Society®
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Puzzle
Release Date: 2019
Language: English
Size: 415.63 MB
Developer Company: G5 Entertainment
File Type: .apk


The Secret Society Mod Apk v1.40.4000


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