Swordman:​ Reforged Mod Apk v1.3.3 Download

swordman-reforged mod apk

Swordman:​ Reforged Mod Apk is yet another chance to be a swordman who slashes enemies and trust in his sword while going on his journey. On this game, you as a swordman, go out into the wild world which is full of monsters. So, you will be going against many different monsters on this game. And as a swordman, you will have faith in your sword and be always ready to hunt the monsters that roam around on this world.

Since it is the hunting season, a swordman is keen to go on new adventures. And that’s when the fun begins. On this game, you will find as a swordman a lot of monsters to hunt. The enjoyment of the game is to look around for monsters and fight them. The design of the background throughout the game and the characters is beautiful. And there are many levels where you can fail and pass so you can stay playing for the longest time.

The game has many weapons to choose from. Use your weapons to kill the weird monsters which take different shapes with a weird phenomenon of inanimate objects which are brought to life. So, you will be playing the role of the hunter while investigating what’s going on with this weird world. And this is gathered with a thrilling story with mystical elements which keeps the game entertaining. Also, keep an eye on the upgrade system which allows you to upgrade your weapons whenever you need an upgrade.

Swordman:​ Reforged Mod Apk Features:

  • A brand new better version of Sword Man – Monster Hunter.
  • New friendly story-telling UI.
  • A new way to craft your own weapons.
  • An effective and diverse weapon upgrade system.
  • Seasonal events

Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Gems
One Hit Kill
High Damage


Swordman:​ Reforged Mod Apk v1.3.3


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