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survival-defender mod apk

In Survival Defender Mod Apk you get attacked by the ugliest furious monsters you may have seen in your life. These monsters are going to attack you non-stop. Dozens of ugly monsters will pay you a visit every day. The visit is not a friendly one. So, be ready to protect your belongings and defend your camp in the forest from the monsters.

The game is a fantasy game where mythical creatures go wild like goblins who play the role of gangsters who ambush caravans and raid villages and everyone they meet on their way. So be prepared to defend yourself from these creatures by defending your castle with all the weapons and abilities you have. You get to shoot these creatures by tapping them.

You play as a ranger who goes on a journey that will lead you to some action where you’ll be shedding blood of those ugly monsters. Magic is your ally in this fantasy world. You can acquire different spells. Also, the game offers 3 different zones to play so you won’t be stuck in the same boring spot. One of the main elements of defending your belongings in this game is the barricades that you have to focus on making them powerful with upgrading them along with your weapons.

Buying and upgrading your weapons and your belongings is a must in this game for you to stay entertained while playing it.

Survival Defender Mod Apk Features:

  • Survival action game
  • Third Person Shooter
  • 3D Fantasy realm
  • Play as a Ranger
  • Buy and upgrade weapons
  • Buy Potions to boost you up
  • Different spells
  • Upgrade your barricade
  • 3 Different Zones to play and more to come
  • 40 different enemies
  • More features to come!
survival-defender graphics
survival-defender fights

Unlimited Money
Unlimited mana
big damageUnlimited Crystals
increased attack speed

Download Survival Defender

Survival Defender Mod Apk v1.3.1


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