Rope Frog Ninja Hero – Strange Gangster Vegas Mod Apk v1.0.8 Download

rope-frog-ninja-hero-strange-gangster-vegas mod apk

Rope Frog Ninja Hero – Strange Gangster Vegas Mod Apk is like a city vigilante or superhero in a city simulator in third person view. The main character you play with is a ninja hero with a unique outfit. You play as this character and get to drive awesome cars and motorbikes. Your reputation in the city is fearsome. It is like you are some kind of a legend or street hero who makes others fear their destiny once they see you.

So, this may not be the same city gangster game you are accustomed to. Because you don’t get to the street, beat people up, and get a hold of their cars while fighting and being chased by the police. On the contrary, you will be fighting crime on the streets like Batman for instance with some tweaks. Well, you will get to the streets where you can rob, kill, shoot and fight all the criminals who do bad things on the streets.

You may not be the ultimate good hearted hero though. Your purpose is to deal with gangsters. So, the way you get to do this is not really necessary since you yourself is going to steal auto cars, race through the streets, and shoot down gangsters. Try out all the supercars and bikes. Make stunts on a bmx or find an ultimate F-90 tank or devastating battle helicopter. You have some special real powers. You can shoot dangerous laser beam from your eyes. Also, there is a posibility to shoot a rope to a building and climb over the building to the top. Your legs also very powerful. 

Rope Frog Ninja Hero – Strange Gangster Vegas Mod Apk Features:

  • A lot of Guns to buy and shoot
  • Off road terrains to explore
  • Visually stunning graphics, character and army vehicle models, Helicopter, Air fighter, etc.
  • Hours of gameplay
  • Ingame shop
  • Realistic car drifting
  • HD quality graphics

Unlimited Gold Coins

Install Steps:


Rope Frog Ninja Hero – Strange Gangster


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