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rocket-car-ball mod apk

Rocket Car Ball Mod Apk is one of the interesting games that try to mix between football and cars. It may seem a little bit weird as a concept but gamers do know how exciting it can get when done the right way. And that is one of the aspects that we can see and experience in this game. Trying to mix between football and cars needs some good graphics and animations. And that’s what the game delivers.

First, the concept of the game is based on using the power of cars by driving them towards the ball. These rocket cars will be moving wildly on an apocalypse desert arena where they will be battling each other. The goal is the ball. And the opponents are off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars. The gameplay includes jumping and boosting through the other calls while keeping your eyes on the ball.

And while keeping your eyes on the ball, you will have to aim for the opponent’s goal. And remember that this is a game of football after all. Cars are like your player’s feet. You have to kick the ball and score goals to win the matches. However, The purpose won’t be just scoring goals. You get to use weapons to take down your opponents. You have some very heavy weapons like rockets, missiles, and shockwaves. Also, there are 3 different gaming modes with hundreds of levels in 4 environments.

Rocket Car Ball Mod Apk Features:

  • 10+ heavy weapons including rockets, missiles and shockwaves to knock out opponents
  • Stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics simulation
  • 3 thrilling game modes with hundreds of amazing levels in 4 beautiful apocalypse environments
  • Dozens of racing cars with 50+ individual upgrades and characteristics

Unlimited currency
*Get it after completing the novice tutorial


Rocket Car Ball Mod Apk v1.8


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