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You should probably check ROBOT WARS ONLINE Mod Apk If you are into mechs. It may give you the pleasure you look for in a mecha game. You get to build your Robot and make it a super mecha before going head to head against other challengers who are looking to beat some steel from others’ robots. Let the best win and try your best to get to the top rankings of the global tournaments.

The game offers the chance to fight against other players in real robots pvp battles in the multiplayer mode. In addition to the fact that you can risk it all by going on a deathmatch. Also, one of the main advantages of the game is offering the chance to battle on a team on what is called a Team Battle. You can join a team and fight together another team. The winning team is the one with the most frags at the end of the round.

The game has a variety of robots. You can choose the one you wish to play with depending on what design you prefer. Controlling your robot is simple with the control methods of the game. Also, it makes it easy to auto-shoot in certain situations. And you have to pay attention to the atmospheric maps on the game and benefit from them.


✪ HD graphics 
Excellent detailed robots and map textures, for weak devices there are 3 graphics mode!

✪ First persone view 
Control your own robot with the first person view from the cockpit.

The game has several game modes like team play, free for all, capture the points and battle against bots, try to play on all modes with war robots!

A wide variety of different robots, here are a few of them: Spirit, Paladin, Phantom, Titan! All robots in the game have their own features of the speed of movement, height of the jump, weapons recharging and so on. Each robot has its own set of basic and supporting weapons.

The game has auto-shooting, just aim at the enemy and the robot will start to shoot itself! This mode can be disabled in the settings.

All matches in the game are created automatically, all you need to do is click the “TO BATTLE” button, teams and opponents will pick up automatically!

Improve the capabilities of your mechs, improve damage, range, recharge for a better and faster victory against your opponent!

Allows you to extract the item from the destroyed enemy robot with 70% chance.


Unlimited Ammo


ROBOT WARS ONLINE! Mod Apk v0.2.2268


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