Robot City Battle Mod Apk v1.1 Download

robot-city-battle mod apk

Robot City Battle Mod Apk is a fun game that suggests to take you very far from planet earth. You will be playing in a city which is millions of light years far from our planet. So, if you are already fed up with this world, this is your chance to take a break from it and take a break from being a human being too. Because the city you are about to play in is a robot city where everyone is a robot or a machine. So you will play as a robot playing against robots in a city of robots.

On this game, you will have to choose your robot first. You get to choose from a variety of robots. And it seems that the game does focus on forms of transport with airplanes, helicopters, cars…The game is like the Transformers movies. As a player, you don’t get enough of only what you get from choosing your own robot. Because you do have the ability to upgrade your robot with various weapons and cool items.

You will face a lot of challenges in your way to become an iron knight. Bear in mind that you are on a planet that is under a war between two metal nations. So you will get the chance to handle some of the most advanced weapons and fight the enemy while disguising as a car in other situations.

Robot City Battle Mod Apk Features:

  • Store with various weapons and other cool items for your prime machine
  • Diverse enemies from big mechs to small robots humanoids
  • Huge futuristic cyber city as a battlefield is waiting for you
  • As well as fighting, racing, shooting, boxing, flying and many other actions!



Robot City Battle Mod Apk v1.1


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