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puzzle-and-conquer mod apk

Elvira is waiting its king in Puzzle and Conquer Mod Apk game. Since we’re talking about a journey to become a king of a kingdom, then you know that this is not something that is going to happen overnight. Begin your journey and set to be the king of Elvira by conquering new lands and becoming the land master of these lands. You don’t need to do this alone. You will meet new friends and allies along the way. And as it is the case with all the things in the world, you will become stronger and stronger as you go through battles.

So, plan strategically for your journey to the throne in Puzzle and Conquer game. It is a strategic multiplayer game which will put you in a world where you’ll be able to challenge against other players from all over the worlds. And as the name suggests, the game is made of puzzles and bloodshed in wars. This allows for a unique gaming experience that makes aspire for more as you progress in the game.

After getting a hold of the strategic planning of the game, prepare to go to war. Prepare your army to go head to head against many armies of other players from all over the world. You get to unlock heroes as you get done with the match challenges. Also, make sure to build your kingdom with buildings, troops, and heroes upgrades to make yourself stronger.

Puzzle and Conquer Mod Apk Features:

[Conquer the world]
Prepare your army and defeat all other players from around the world and become the King of Elvira.

[Match-3 battle, strategic yet casual]
Finish the Match-3 challenges to unlock heroes, experience the epic storyline, and battle with players around the world.

[Build your kingdom]
Choose from various buildings, research paths, troop upgrades, and hero upgrades to grow your kingdom!

[Intense real-time combat at your fingertips]
A dynamic world made possible by real-time combat! Work with your allies and devise grand battle plans to conquer rival kingdoms, and ascend to the top as the lord of all of Elviria.

[Tons of heroes, countless combinations]
Each hero has its own unique skill. All heroes will have their own speciality in Match-3 and clan wars. Create your ideal team composition and conquer your opponents!


Enemies 1 Damage


Puzzle and Conquer Mod Apk v0.6.0.195


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