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prisoner-survive-mission mod apk

Prisoner Survive Mission Mod Apk is a game which takes places in prison. The game tries to put you under the impression of a real prisoner who is struggling to survive in a nasty corrupted prison. It will be hard to stay alive in a prison where there are almost no rules. Hidden dirty hands lurking in the darkness are manipulating things from behind the scenes. It will be almost impossible to survive this prison, let alone escaping it. However, you will have to try to survive first and escape the prison; or die trying!

The first step of surviving in a prison is to fight back. You will have to go through some hard 1v1 fights. Still, winning a fight is not going to be enough to survive nor escape. You are going to go through a variety of obstacles and small games. So, make sure to summon your mental powers in order to try and crack down the code of the small games which stand between you and your freedom.

The small games of mind consist of puzzles, number guessings, and the challenges of unlocking some levels. Still, you will find some help from the game. You get to choose from various weapons which can become very handy when fighting. Also, you can work on your fighting skills as you progress in the game.

Prisoner Survive Mission Mod Apk Features:

Various challenges in the game:
You need to crack various obstacles and pass a number of small games. Use your own smart brain to solve them one by one!
Unlocked levels, number guessing, puzzles…Come and try your ability!
You can choose whether to fight or avoid the obstacle directly, as long as you can live to reach the goal! Try your best to keep alive!

The various weapons in the game will give you an exciting combat experience;
Practice your skills to enhance your abilities;
You can improve your physical fitness;
You can strengthen your ability to use items;
Improve your efficiency through solving puzzles!


Unlimited Money
Unlimited Diamonds

Install Steps:


Prisoner Survive Mission Mod Apk v1.1.3


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