Prison Escape 2 New Jail Mad City Stories Mod Apk v1.15 Download

prison-escape-2-new-jail-mad-city-stories mod apk

Prison Escape 2 New Jail Mad City Stories Mod Apk is a game that reminds you of all those movies and series about escaping prison. In this game, you will be playing the role of one of the most unsettled guys who can’t really stay still. And that is something harder to do when in prison. So get ready to accept the challenge to break free out of a new jail in a mad city with a mad guy who can’t settle nor spend his sentence in jail.

You will be playing as Jeffrey Cortes who happens to be a very unique guy. He is smart and can see a lot of things that other people may not be able to notice. He has a great sense of observation, logic, and erudition which makes him in addition to other skills, able to escape any prison he may enter. So this won’t be the first time he escapes from prison. And that what will make this game exciting and adventurous.

However, it seems that Jeffrey is in prison by mistake. So, he thinks that he should get his rights by the hands. That’s why, and although he is in a high-tech prison, he will try to escape. The plan is already ready. All you have to do is implement it. You won’t be alone. The plan is developed along with other inmates. But before escaping prison he will have to know who is the real culprit who put caused his detention. Thus, revenge is your goal as well.

Prison Escape 2 New Jail Mad City Stories Mod Apk Features:

  • Exciting adventures.
  • Get a sheltered arsenal of weapons.
  • Great graphics and sound effects.
  • Break through from the bottom of the criminal world, after completing the missions of an exciting campaign.
  • Do everything possible to escape.
  • Upgrade skills.
  • Dynamic battles.
  • Simple operation.


Prison Escape 2 Mod Apk 1.15


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