Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Mod Apk v1.0.9 Download

parker-lane-twisted-minds mod apk

Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Mod Apk is a game that makes you in charge along with a companion of a very mysterious crime. This game takes you through the steps of investigating a murder. And that happens throughout the game which helps you step by step to reveal the identity of the killer by giving hints and shedding light on some important details. All this while trying to link the murder to the main character Parker.

So, one of the important aspects of the game is the fact that the murderer is someone who Parker -the main character- knows from the past. The murderer is involved in a series of murders. And Parker has to think back on her past to try and get a glimpse of the past to save her future. Parker won’t be alone, she will be accompanied by Victor Lane to try and solve the mysterious series of murders.

At this time, Parker is not just a normal girl, she is now one of the best detectives. So, the hunch of the detective is present on this game to make it easier to ask the right questions, look for evidence, and make assumptions until she arrives at the conclusion and unlocks the mystery.

The first thing you’ll encounter about this murders is: “A restaurant owner is found standing over a dead body with a bloody knife in his hand. An open-and-shut case, right? But Parker has doubts…” So use your skills to the fullest and try to solve the mystery!

Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Mod Apk Features:

  • Master all 12 mini games and become a top detective
  • Use your police skills to solve crimes
  • Find the criminal before it’s too late!
  • Witness a dangerously compelling story
  • Perform CSI tasks and examine clues
  • Use forensic tools to analyze weapons, fingerprints and DNA samples
  • Level up your detective team and make them stronger and better
  • Uncover clues in 60 levels and 30 challenge levels
  • Investigate in 10 locations, including 6 crime scenes

-Everything Unlocked

Install Steps:


Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Mod Apk v1.0.9


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