MASS FOR THE DEAD Mod Apk v1.3.1 Download


Mass For The Dead Mod Apk is a game with a unique story which was turned into an anime for the few years. It is based on the idea of an online role-playing game called “Yggdrasil” that was created by a few friends before they agree to just end the service and stop playing it after a time of prosper for the game.

Only one of the old member of the game realizes that the game hasn’t stopped and he is still able to log in. So, you’ll play the role of this last standing man who is actually playing the role of the main character Momonga. The latter is considered the head of the Nazaric Underground Tombs which has many powerful guardians.

You’ll have to act as the head of the tomb and order the guardians to defend it. Also, you’ll encounter many events and character on this dark fantasy RPG. You will really enjoy the game if you have watched the anime.

MASS FOR THE DEAD Mod Apk Features:

  • Game system Action every turn is a battle “Turn-based command battle” that holds the key Four parties Capture the quest while making full use of skills and mystery at the party. Up to 4 simultaneous multiplayer possible, Please cooperate with your friends to challenge the enemy.
  • Double speed · Auto mode installed Auto mode and double speed mode are also equipped to attack enemies automatically. Even if you are not good at games, you can easily play.
  • “Familiarity” system It is possible to raise the parent density with a character who made it as a friend. Dedicated voice and scenario are released by increasing familiarity. ※ Some characters with intimacy
  • Game theme song OxT “MASS FOR THE DEAD”
  • luxurious voice actor team Hino Satoshi / Yumi Hara / Urasaka Sumire / Kato Eri Mi 里 / Uchiyama Yumi / Masayuki Uchiyama / Kenta Miyake / Chiba Shigeru / Igarashi Yumi / Numakura Mami / Seta Masami / Sakura Ayanoo / Masudo Kei / Toge Hiroki / Kamimi Naotome / Amamiya Tian / Ishii Yasushi / Yasuno Ishii / Ryota Anzaka / Minoru Inaba / Takehito Koyasu / / Yuki Aki / Yusa Aki / Yoshimi Koshimi / Yumi Hanamori / Masaaki Hamazen / Shinya Hamazoe / Shizuka Ishigami / Miho Tomita / Akino Watanabe / Mari Akira / M · A · O / Kazuyuki Kohtsu / / Tamura Mutoshi / Takeuchi Ryota / Shuhei Asaka / Tomoru Sakurai / Mamoru Miyano (in no particular order)
  • MOD :
  • Enemy Low HP
  • Player High Damage
  • Enemy Low DEF
  • Enemy Low ATK


MASS FOR THE DEAD Mod Apk v1.3.1


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