Mad GunZ – online shooter Mod Apk v1.9.7 Download

mad-gunz-online-shooter mod apk

Mad GunZ – online shooter Mod Apk is a shooting game that mixes between shooting and funny characters. Pets lovers may fall in love with this game. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a silly game. This is an action game. However, the storyline and the characters make it a very unique shooting game with a solid plot and an entertaining gaming experience.

The game begins when you don’t find your fluffy cat that is absent in a certain time where everything seems weird. a turkey is armored and ready to blow some heads. Unicorns are no longer just another mythical creatures. This is where the fun begins in an adventurous gun shooting game with cure pixel art characters. The game takes you out of the realm of the usual shooting games.

You will have to start shooting as soon as the fun begins. Don’t hold back and shoot your rivals with your banana gun or your hamster thrower. And the lady purse is always a handy choice to slap your rivals. The advantages of this game lays in mixing between an action shooting process with beautiful and funny characters and actions like using handbags, lollipops, magic wands as elements in the game.

Mad GunZ – online shooter Mod Apk Features:

  • Far from realistic, but SO beautiful pixel art!
  • The most incredible boom guns – beat up your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it, huge lollipop or a magic wand. Or just shoot them with some… cat fur!
  • Best from gun games and shooter games with friends and zombies, crazy chickens or even some mad octopus.
  • And Mad GunZ is the first online shooting game where you can see your feet!
  • the easiest shooter controls
  • 5 unique maps with some easter eggs about your fave movies and games
  • a bunch of wild and strange rivals.


1. Unlimited bullets


Mad GunZ – online shooter Mod Apk v1.9.7


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