Lineage II: Dark Legacy Mod Apk v0.7.1 Download

lineage-ii-dark-legacy mod apk

A new chapter of one of the famous action series Lineage II: Dark Legacy Mod Apk is here. There is no chance that the war between good and evil will end anytime soon. But how about you try your luck and gather your squad of mercenaries and make a move to save Aden. It won’t be easy but you have good badass company, so try your best!

Your fights are not going to be easy. You’ll go against mega bosses who are so powerful. Also, you’ll be there when the chaos erupts in the castle that will be full of players from all over the world. That’s why you should keep your squad packed and ready for the battle.

You get to collect legendary mercenaries from the Lineage Universe who has extraordinary powers that will be your trump card to fight when the time comes. You can recruit mercenaries such as Kamael Soul Breaker, Dark Avenger, and many others who are going to be so handy when you go against super powerful bosses like Castekeeper or Bloodthirsty Lycanthrope.

Lineage II: Dark Legacy Features:

1. Intense Siege PVP: Take on players across the globe in castle siege battles! Storm the gates and attack their defenses with your strongest squad of Mercenaries to earn Influence, increase your ranking on the global leaderboards, and gain your spoils of war while leaving their Castles in ruins!

2. Customize an Impenetrable Castle: Choose from a large selection of defenses such as electrifying Shock Cannons or piercing Ballistas to destroy your enemies. Mix, match, and strategically place your arsenal of defenses for maximum effectiveness. Unlock new defense slots to become even more unstoppable and protect your Castle at all costs!

3. Dynamic Action-Packed Battles: Think quick on your feet during fast paced battles in the Pit of Despair to defeat ruthless Bosses or the Coliseum to challenge other players in PvP combat. Command a squad of Mercenaries and strategically unleash their special abilities and skills to annihilate your opposition in battle!

4. Legendary Roster of Mercenaries: Recruit and build the ultimate team from legendary Lineage characters including the Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger, Tyrant and much, much more. Level up their skills, equip them with powerful talismans and evolve them to unleash the full magnitude of their powers.


1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode


Lineage II: Dark Legacy Mod Apk v0.7.1


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