King Rivals: War Clash Mod Apk v1.1.4 Download

king-rivals-war-clash mod Apk

King Rivals: War Clash Mod Apk is another game that revives the eternal clash between the 4 races: Human beings, Orcs, Elves, and the Undead. Most of us are familiar with this clash which is showcased in many stories, movies, and games. So, you will be familiar with the whole concept of the game from characters of different races to places like villages and forests.

So, the war clash of centuries continues in this game. It’s been centuries of rivalry and bloodshed in the peaceful villages, the great forests, and the dangerous volcanoes. You will go head to head against players from all over the world in realtime to become the king of rivals. To help you stand against your opponents, you get to collect and upgrade more than 40 troops and spells.

Thus, make sure to begin your journey the right way. Create a fierce army that you will to victory through focusing on the most stressful moments of the game. Lead the army while fighting other enemy clans. The good thing is that you will have the chance to unlock new powerful warriors who will join your army and make stronger. Same thing can be said about spells that will provide more technique for your army.

King Rivals: War Clash Mod Apk Features:

  • Pick wisely between 40+ characters with unique skills to claim your victory!
  • Train through multi levels of battle to get to the top!
  • Unlock new cards by open all the rare, legendary and epic chests!
  • Destroy opponent’s gate and castle to claim massive of reward chests!
  • Duel with global players in the epic war clashes!
  • Command your troops and let them engage in head to head battles!
  • Fight with ancient monster which has never seen on a defense game!
  • Build a strong deck and crush your enemy’s castle deploying your troops!
  • Earn trophies and climb the global ranking!


King Rivals: War Clash


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