King Of Defense: Battle Frontier Mod Apk v1.11.5 Download

king-of-defense-battle-frontier Mod Apk

King of Defense: Battle Frontier Mod Apk is another tower defense game. You will be building a special building with different turrets which are designed differently and have special abilities. It is obvious that one of the main aspects of winning on this game is the method of combining the turrets together. In each level, the method of combining the turrets and building your tower will differ depending on the purpose of the level. Or let’s say depending on the strategy you come up with for each level.

The building of your tower is triggered by the invasion of monsters who threaten your existence and stand at the border of the kingdom. So, your mission begins here; to protect the kingdom from this invasion. And you are not alone in this. You get to team up with other heroes and warriors in a fierce battle against the monsters in order to survive and defend the kingdom.

This game focuses a lot on the tactics and the strategies of the players. It has many methods of winning but it depends on the player’s tactics to win or lose. Also, it has many upgrading options to power up your turrets and heroes.

King Of Defense: Battle Frontier Mod Apk Features:

  • The turret stacking and combining feature gives players more options for the best tactics.
  • The systems of heroes and turrets are rich and powerful upgrade. Many options upgrade according to the player’s strategy.
  • Diverse terrains like deserts to jungle and frigid lands. Players need good strategies for each type of terrain.
  • Diversity of monsters from flying monsters to monsters with special skills.
  • Let’s experience the new challenge and unique strategy game – King of Defense: Battle Frontier.

1- a lot of gold
2- many gems
3- many lives during the battle


King Of Defense: Battle Frontier Mod Apk v1.11.5


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