Furious Speed Chasing – Highway car racing Mod Apk v1.1.2 Download

furious-speed-chasing-highway-car-racing-game mod apk

Furious Speed Chasing – Highway car racing Mod Apk is as the name suggests focuses on speeding with your car while being chased. Racing lovers who like to pump that adrenaline a notch are welcome to enjoy a speedy experience with this game. It provides a variety of racing cars which will mostly impress players who have a thing for racing cars.

When you feel like so entertained with the racing cars you love and then feel like driving something, then you can drive a police car to catch gangsters. But that may take some time since you have many two different styles to choose from when picking your ride. You get to choose from basic styles and modified styles of each car you choose. However, you will have to spend an amount of the diamonds you gain to unlock the modified style.

The is a variety of modifying changes to tune your car like reducing fuel consumption, improve the tire performance, and other options. Also, you get to customize the car with from colors to textures. And many other options.

Furious Speed Chasing – Highway car racing Mod Apk Features:

  • A variety of racing cars to choose from. You can even add the super rally car to your garage. You can also drive the police car and play the police to catch gangs at the road!
  • Each car has two different styles- basic styles & modified styles.Just unlock the modified style by spending a small amount of diamonds.
  • The stunning BGMwill enhance your gaming experience greatly!
  • Powerful modification system:
  • Upgrade the racing attr, reduce the fuel consumption and improve the tire performance in the modification system to make your car more controllable;
  • Create the most distinctive car by customizing the color, the texture of your racing vehicle
  • Top 3D view;
  • Multiple game props:
  • A wide range of items for you to choose from. Just choose and upgrade your items before the game starts so as to gain extra points and more money.
  • Easy to use:
  • Click the screen left and right to control the car and don’t forget to watch your own oil volume. If you find a police car chasing after your car, be careful not to collide with the police car or you will be caught then.


  • All Car Purchased.
  • A Lot Of Money.
  • A Lot Of Diamond.
  • All Car Fully Upgrade For Basic & Tuning.
  • All Boost Pack Full Upgrade.
  • Ad Free Unlock.


Furious Speed Chasing – Highway car racing Mod Apk v1.1.2


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