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flying-car-3d mod apk

Flying Car 3D Mod Apk is a great game for those who are really into speed that they just feel like flying when they exceed the ultimate speed of the car. Well, in this game, you get to fly high on the sky with your car. It seems that the car has wings in addition to the whole other parts of a regular car. Because after all, this is a car. It can fly like a jet but it is still a car.

What does that mean? it means that you can drive the car on the ground as fast as you can and enjoy the streets. And when you feel like it is not enough, then you can just take off to the sky and fly as you want. So, the car is a modified beast that allows you to enjoy driving and flying experience at the same time. And the whole experience is improved with some dynamic camera angles that allow for a better gameplay.

And that is not enough. The flying experience is mixed with some entertaining additions like aerial flips and tricks, with other whole effects on the ground and the sky like drifting, crashing, boosting, and sliding. The game has some beautiful graphics on the ground and the sky alike. also, it is an open world environment. In addition, it has some pretty easy controls which allow to transfer quickly to flying mode with just a tap on the screen.

Flying Car 3D Mod Apk Features:

  • Beautiful HD Graphics
  • Real life racing car modified for flight capability
  • Huge immersive city open world environment
  • Fun, realistic, and easy driving controls
  • Interact with flying car AI traffic!
  • Dynamic camera angles
  • Intuitive airplane flight physics
  • Free to play and easy to use

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Install Steps:


Flying Car 3D Mod Apk v2.7


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