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earth-protect-squad Mod Apk

In Earth Protect Squad Mod Apk, you will be the last ray of hope for humanity. An invasion of unknown creatures makes earth on the edge of extinction. One day, a mysterious power descends on earth. It is obvious that these creatures did not come in peace. In fact, they have already destroyed all the military bases that would be of use for humanity to defend itself. After that, they started looking for a specific thing on earth that is unknown.

This mysterious entity uses some of the most savage weapons. Their means of destruction consist of violent ugly mutant creatures and some lethal battle machines. And that what makes it harder to defeat this mysterious power. It takes a huge effort to focus on shooting down all these strange creatures and dangerous battle machines. But that is not all, they have even turned human beings into something else. A lot of people have become their own weapons. So now, we’ll be fighting their weapons and our own race.

Thus, there is one chance to defend earth and try to defeat this alien power. And that’s Earth Protect Squad mission; to protect earth from this threat. The squad consists of the best-trained soldiers, the latest and the most developed weapons, the latest technologies that haven’t been showcased before to us human beings such as battle bots and force fields. Also, it is easy to customize weapons and utilities while fighting. You get to choose the type of ammo you need before the beginning of the mission, change the scope of shooting, or even barrel attachment.

Thus, go ahead and find what they are looking for, and kill’em all.

Earth Protect Squad Mod Apk Features:

  • Exciting missions
  • Wide range of weapons
  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Simple system of controls


Free Shopping
*Unconditional purchase of weapons


Earth Protect Squad Mod Apk v1.53b


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