Dragon Battle Mod Apk v10.06 Download

Dragon Battle Mod Apk

Dragon Battle Mod Apk is a very interesting game for those who are into dragons, fights, and even those who like getting a pet and take care of it. Although it is weird to mention getting a pet and a dragon in the same sentence, this is almost half of the gameplay of the game. You get dragon pets and become like the mother of dragons -GOT stuff- or the father of dragons. So, the first step on this game is to rise and train your dragon.

Once you get your dragon pets, rise them, and train them, you can go ahead and take your dragons to battle. You will be fighting enemies with your dragons that have different designs. Each dragon has a certain design with beautiful colors. The dragon is born as an egg and begins to evolve to different shapes and sizes until it is a fully grown up and ready to fight. Work on your dragons’ abilities and special skills to get them ready for fighting when the battle time has come.

You will have to focus on training each dragon and get to know its abilities and special skills in addition to personality that also plays a role in the fighting. It goes without saying that getting to know your team and your assets, is one of the keys to win the battle. Especially since every dragon is different from the other and has different personality and abilities. Thus, make sure to collect the right dragons for your team and raise them well in order to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Dragon Battle Mod Apk
Dragon Battle Mod

Dragon Battle Mod Apk Features:

  • Battle to destroy enemies!
  • Build up an amazing dragon world!
  • Crossbreed to get rare dragons!
  • Evolve your dragons!

Unlimited Currency

Install Steps:


Dragon Battle Mod Apk v10.06


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