Diggy Loot: Dig Out – Treasure Hunt Adventure Mod Apk v2.5.0 Download

diggy-loot-dig-out-treasure-hunt-adventure-game mod apk

Diggy Loot: Dig Out – Treasure Hunt Adventure Mod Apk is a treasure-seeking game. The players get on an adventurous journey to hunt treasures. The journey won’t be easy and it will require a lot of patience and games of the mind. You will be digging a lot of paths as you venture to get rich. Although it won’t be just about gold or money. Because you get to search for artifacts which have high value and reclaim trophies which were stolen from you.

You will be playing as a professor who has a great knowledge of many elements which are very important in any journey to seek treasures. So you will benefit from the wisdom and cleverness of your character while digging for the treasures. The game has a dense content with more than 200 levels which are full of puzzles that you have to solve, traps that you will have to be smart enough to avoid, and enemies who don’t want you to find your promised treasure.

As your journey continues, you will explore ancient sites. Get to digging the paths of glory while solving puzzles in order to get to your goals.

Diggy Loot: Dig Out – Treasure Hunt Adventure Mod Apk Features:

  • Tap/swipe on dirt to clear the way to move
  • Remove obstacles from your path
  • Complete tasks and earns stars
  • Play with friends and earn x 30 gold bars
  • Use the level hint if you are having trouble completing a level
  • Watch out for those falling blocks
  • Jump and land safely
  • Disable traps around you
  • Complete quests, collect gold boxes, disable blocks and reclaim trophies
  • Use hints if you are stuck
  • Be a real treasure hunter
  • A great way to challenge your brain to solve puzzles
  • Be smart. Discover all locked levels
  • Finding a treasure is great when you dig out!
  • Reclaim trophies stolen by a witch
  • Use hints – it helps in digging
  • Dig out wisely and gain rewards


  • Money


Diggy Loot: Dig Out – Treasure Hunt Adventure Mod Apk v2.5.0


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