Dancing Ballz: Music Line Mod Apk v1.7.0 Download

dancing-ballz-music-line mod apk

Dancing Ballz: Music Line Mod Apk is one of those games that makes you train your thumb like crazy. It is one of the games that rely on a ball and your thumb in addition to music to create a musical experience. So, you have to be fast enough to keep on playing this kind of games. It features some awesome soundtracks which will be your ally while playing or let’s say tapping with that thumb.

Sometimes, playing a game by just tapping may seem like simple gameplay. However, as simple as it is to start the game, it gets a bit challenging as you progress. Because the tapping action is related to music that is playing. And you have to keep on listening to music and tap on the ball at the right time. To break it down even further, you listen to music as the ball moves on the screen. As it moves, you have to be fast enough to tap in order to jump or switch the line play. Signs will tell you the right time to tap as the ball reaches the rings.

Thus, it is clear that you’ll have to work on your reflexes as you progress on Dancing Ballz game. Keep an eye on the moving ball as you listen to music. Mix things up and try to stay on track as long as you can.

Dancing Ballz: Music Line Mod Apk features:

  • One Tap One Tune: easy to play with just one finger
  • Finish a song to unlock a new one. There are a lot of free edm songs waiting for you.
  • All new modern/trending songs for you to “dance” with
  • Unlock amazing theme/background with wonderful color each level
  • Let the music guide you through darkness and spin you around!

Unlimited Lives
*Increase instead of decrease


Dancing Ballz: Music Line Mod Apk v1.7.0


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