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clean-road mod apk

Clean Road Mod Apk is not a racing game nor a chill driving game. It is a fun car game with a purpose. As the name suggests the game, you will be working on cleaning roads from certain things that make the road close or hard to pass it. So, you will have to find your way out in an uneasy road which has many obstacles as objects and the main obstacle that may be something like snow or cornfield.

You and your truck are invited to make your way through these hard roads. Usually, in real life, this task is meant to pave the roads for other vehicles to pass on a snowy day for instance. But in Clean Road Mod Apk you will be the one paving the way in an entertaining experience. Because you will have to clean the road while trying to make your way through the obstacles which are on your way like cars, scarecrow, snowmen and other different objects that are there to make it harder for you to clean the roads.

You will make way for yourself and other cars and vehicles that are following your footsteps in order to pass the hard road. The cleaning experience is so satisfying and the variety of obstacles and their funny design is a plus. When it comes to the options you have when choosing your vehicle, you get to upgrade it as you progress in the game in order to make it stronger and able to be up to the challenge when going against harder levels on the game. And controlling the game is simple and easy, you just have to touch and drag to control your vehicle with the snow plow.


Clean Road Mod ApkMOD: 

Gold coins do not decrease and increase

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Clean Road Mod Apk v1.1.3


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