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battle-instinct mod apk

Battle Instinct Mod Apk is a game that unleashes the instinct of the player -as many other games do- in the battlefield as the title suggests. The game is a battle royale that invites players to enjoy this experience with many players enjoying this mode on pretty famous games like PUBG and Fortnite. The object of the game is straightforward as in most battle royale games. You choose a certain spot to land and begin by taking a look around the zone you have landed in.

The first thing that you will have to look for and get right after you land, is a gun. You can find a gun easily and that won’t even be a problem. Prepare yourself to get some damage and find yourself a bulletproof vest and grenades. And then start to look around for those who are lurking trying to get you killed. There are 24 enemies who are ready to kill you. So your race to kill everyone else and stay alive as the lone survivor.

Begin your journey of surviving by looking and searching buildings carefully as you try to stay alive. You will be able to get more weapons and ammo inside these buildings. Hide in bushes, behind walls, and use your environment wisely in order to stay away from your opponents’ bullets. Also, work on your strategy to kill and terminate your enemies and try to be fast and determined.

Battle Instinct Mod Apk Features:

  • Battle Instinct makes the battle royale concept even more interesting by adding RPG elements. Choose three unique perks before each battle to get an advantage.
  • Your appearance now affects gameplay. Each of the seven combat suits enhances your character with one or more perks.
  • A 3D map, modern 3D graphics, and intuitive mobile controls allow you to battle confidently in 25-player deathmatches.

Mod Info:
Unlimited Bullets


Battle Instinct Mod Apk v2.32


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